APX 7500 and 7000 TDMA Option is it Trbo?

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APX 7500 and 7000 TDMA Option is it Trbo?

Post by mirage »

I have a APX7500 V/U ga00580 option and a apx7000 with the tdma option as well. Is it Trbo slot 1/2 or something different. Sorry if this sounds stupid but I've been accused of being a smartass before so I hope that negates this.
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Re: APX 7500 and 7000 TDMA Option is it Trbo?

Post by Bigfella237 »

APX radios don't do DMR (aka MotoTRBO) although there have been rumors flying around for a long time that a cross-platform radio exists, to the best of my knowledge it's never been offered for sale.

The platform you're talking about is APCO Project 25, APX radios are capable of both P25 Phase 1 (using FDMA) and/or P25 Phase 2 (using TDMA) but the latter is only useable with system infrastructure, ie. they can't do Phase 2 simplex.

The DMR platform (of which MotoTRBO is Motorola's brand name) also uses TDMA to divide talkpaths but is not compatible with P25 Phase 2, the structure of the data transmitted is completely different.

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