Channel steering on a XPR5500

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Channel steering on a XPR5500

Post by RFguy »

Just wondering if anyone has used channel steering with a XPR5500 on a Capacity Plus system. I was wondering if there were any issues selecting individual talkgroups as opposed to conventional channels.

I "assume" that it uses standard binary type steering (below). I read in another thread that binary 001 was channel 1, not channel 2. Not a big deal as I just need to select between 5 talkgroups.

001 Chan 1
010 Chan 2
011 Chan 3
100 Chan 4
101 Chan 5
110 Chan 6
111 Chan 7
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Re: Channel steering on a XPR5500

Post by FMROB »

Ill double down on the question, along the same lines. Is the 5550 capable of channel steer of 15 or 16 channels like the CDM? We use the CDM as control stations a lot, and I would assume the XPR will be taking its place in the near future?

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Re: Channel steering on a XPR5500

Post by escomm »

Yes the XPR5550 will channel steer in conventional or capacity plus but I think for connect plus it may not work. Don't quote me but I know for sure on the XPR4000 series mobiles with the option board enabled you lost most of the accessory connector functions including COR
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