XPR4550 Remote Kit

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XPR4550 Remote Kit

Post by firemedic2150 »

I was wondering if you can connect the microphone directly to the brick or through a microphone extension cable and then have the data cable connect the head back to the brick, or does the microphone cable that is part of the kit have to be used and have the microphone audio go through the head first.
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Re: XPR4550 Remote Kit

Post by JRayfield »

The Remote Kit does not use the accessory connector on the radio (the 'brick', as you call it). So, a remote mike can be connected to the accessory connector and the control head can still be connected. We've done this in ambulances, where they needed a remote microphone and speaker in the back of the ambulance.

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Re: XPR4550 Remote Kit

Post by ve3nsv »

You can plug the mic directly into the brick as well and not use the extension cable that comes with the separation kit.
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