XPR-4350 OOB?

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XPR-4350 OOB?

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A buddy of mine ended up with a XPR 4350 with the 450 and up split, are there any issues programming this OOB down into the 70CM ham band?
Is the CPS "out in the wild"? if not he can probably afford to get it programmed locally as 70CM seems to be pretty stagnate around here.
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Re: XPR-4350 OOB?

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With a simple hex edit, a 450-512 radio will work just fine at 440 mhz. The only issue is you can not now read the radio, or you will lose all freq's below 450. You now must read the saved code plug, make changes to it, reprogram the radio, & save the changes to the code plug. But the radio works perfectly at 440. GARY
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