XPR 6550 Multiple Scan Lists

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XPR 6550 Multiple Scan Lists

Post by DiGiTaL D »

XPR 6550, firmware version R01.11.10.

In CPS (v14.0), I have programmed three different scan lists.

The XPR 6550 user manual states that the radio can support up to 250 scan lists.

My question is how do you switch between programmed scan lists? I can't find a way to do it in the menu. My only options in the scan menu are to turn the scan on and view or edit the list that is currently selected. But I want to switch to one of the other two lists? How is this done?

I have every possible menu option enabled in the Menu portion of the CPS. What am I missing?
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Re: XPR 6550 Multiple Scan Lists

Post by TreyH »

I believe you would have to create multiple instances of the same channel and assign a different scan list to each.
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Re: XPR 6550 Multiple Scan Lists

Post by Astro Spectra »

In other words the scan lists are slaved to a mode.
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