Motorola DTR410/DTR550/DTR650 Digital On-Site Two Way Radios

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Motorola DTR410/DTR550/DTR650 Digital On-Site Two Way Radios

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I am giving some thought to buying a pair of Motorola DTR radios. I have looked through the information on line and it is a little unclear to me which model would best suit my needs. I don't think I need the DTR650s, so it really seems to be between the DTR410 and DTR550. I want the option to use a longer antenna. Is that possible with the DTR410, or do I need the DTR550 to have that option? Also, since I am near Saint Paul, Minnesota, does anybody have any suggestions on a local dealer that would carry these? I would really like to see these and try them before I buy.
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Re: Motorola DTR410/DTR550/DTR650 Digital On-Site Two Way Ra

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I've never seen a DTR410, it also doesn't seem to exist on MOL, but it does show at Weird. Anyway, the only difference I can see through Google between the DTR550 & the DTR410 is the 410 appears to have a built-in antenna like the "Gen 1" DTR's did. I'd say go for the DTR550 with both long & stubby antennas and you'll be happy.

The CPS is a free download right on, so it would be well worth your while to get the programming cable as well, part# 0105950U15, less than $20 MSRP

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Re: Motorola DTR410/DTR550/DTR650 Digital On-Site Two Way Ra

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DTR410 is a consumer version of the DTR550/650. Although the construction appears the same so therefore I would assume that it’s also built to the same specs as the DTR550/650 radios. The DTR550/650's are only sold at Motorola authorized dealers whereas the DTR410 can be sold by any retail outlet similar to Motorola FRS radios. The DTR410 is still programmable in all manners like the DTR550/650 (keyboard, CPS or cloning). DTR410 has a stubby permanently attached antenna like the 1st gen DTR550/650. The DTR410 has the lower capacity battery (same battery as the DTR550) yet the DTR410 has the "manager mode" features of the DTR650 (remote monitor, stun, ect).

Basically the DTR410 is a 1st gen DTR650 with a DTR550 battery and it can be sold by non Motorola dealers.
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