DM4600 rear pinout

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DM4600 rear pinout

Post by mrpurrfect69 »

Hi all as title states I'm after the rear pinout info for the DM4600
Thanks in advance guys

Kind regards
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Re: DM4600 rear pinout

Post by ninfreak »

think this will work
No. Pin Name Pin Function Pin
No. Pin Name Pin Function
1 USB+ USB + (Data) 14 Rx Audio Receive Live Audio2
2 USB- USB - (Data) 15 AUX Audio 2 PUBLIC Address 2
3 VBUS USB Power (5V from USB
accessory/cable) 16 GND Ground
4 USB/MAP_ID GND USB/MAP_ID Ground 17 GP5-1 (PTT) 5V Level GPIO, PTT Input1
5 MAP_ID_2 Accessory Identifier 18 GND Ground
6 MAP_ID_1 Accessory Identifier 19 GP5-2 (Monitor) 5V Level GPIO, Monitor Input3
7 SW B+ Switched Battery Voltage 20 GP5-6 5V Level GPIO
8 PWRGND Ground 21 GP5-3 5V Level GPIO, Channel
Activity Function
9 SPKR- Speaker - (3.2 ohm minimum
impedance) 22 GP5-7 5V Level GPIO
10 SPKR+ Speaker + (3.2 ohm minimum
impedance) 23 EMERGENCY Emergency Switch Input
11 Tx Audio Rear External Microphone
Input4 24 GP5-7 5V Level GPIO
12 Audio GND Audio Ground 25 IGN SENSE Ignition Sense5
13 AUX Audio 1 PUBLIC Address 1 26 VIP-1 12V Tolerant, 5V GPIO,
External Alarm
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