What is p25 ALGID 9F ?

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What is p25 ALGID 9F ?

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I'm hearing encrypted traffic on 143.220 near my shop here in Vancouver. I think it's likely the US border services guys as there's nothing in the Industry Canada database for that frequency.

The MFID is 90 which is Ma M, but the crypto ALGID is 9F, which I can't find in any of the p25 documents I have.

Any ideas?


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Re: What is p25 ALGID 9F ?

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It's not listed in TIA-102 BAAC (APCO25 CAI reserved values). Being MFID 90 (Motorola) it *might* be their version of DES.

If the subject comes up I'll ask them.


We're going to throw a call in to our contacts at Motorola - this is an interesting question to us.

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