Simulcast Issue On Vertex P25

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Simulcast Issue On Vertex P25

Post by Astroboy »

Hi there

We have a Motorola Wide Area Simucast network here and have just got some vertex P829's.
Just beeting getting some strange noises on the Vertex Rx, The Network is Wide Pulse and 25khz
In the Vertex you have 3 settings to select From, W5 - W4 and N for Narrow.
I have tried these and seems to get drop outs now and then, just wondering if anyone would know or had any experiance in the Simulcast Vertex issue.

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Re: Simulcast Issue On Vertex P25

Post by Jason »

I have had the same exact issue, with the same exact radio.

Welcome to the world of /\/\ wide pulse simulcast. It is proprietary to Motorola. No other brand of P25 radio will operate on a wide pulse channel with any reliability. The look alike EF Johnson radios arent even capable. I had some BK digitals that flat just wouldnt work.

I had the Vertex operating somewhat but only when its programmed in mixed mode recieve, with carrier squelch RX. Then, you'll get an unsquelched radio around PC's and such with switch mode power supplies, etc.

Send back the Vertex Portables. No workie.
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