XTL5000 P25 - cloining issue

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XTL5000 P25 - cloining issue

Post by Lotus54 »

We seem to be having issues cloning the XTL5000 radios lately.
USB (the serial has quit working altogether with newer machines).

The radio can be read and can be written to- BUT can't clone the radio.
It starts the clone (and can read the serial just fine) but when the radio cycles it loosed the 'connect' and will never program.

A top node drag and drop is a way to get around it- but since there are potential issues with doing that I'd rather clone (not to mention a LOT faster).

Anyone had that problem?
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Re: XTL5000 P25 - cloining issue

Post by escomm »

What version CPS?

What version OS?

What version firmware in the radios?
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Re: XTL5000 P25 - cloining issue

Post by tvsjr »

In the options configuaration (tools/options IIRC), you should find three timer settings. Turn those up as far as they will go. That will make CPS more tolerant of the radio resetting and the USB drivers coming back up and being happy.
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