APX6000 question

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APX6000 question

Post by radiocat37 »

I have an APX-6000 700-800 MHz. It has a pretty complex codeplug in it and I want to get it back to like when it was new. i.e. wipe the codeplug and have just a test channel in it. What is quickest way to do this? Maybe some master reset?

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Re: APX6000 question

Post by KG4INW »

If you didn't save the default codeplug then you either need to find one or do it by hand.
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Re: APX6000 question

Post by PhillyPhoto »

I haven't had to do it with an APX yet, but what I've done in the past is:

-Create a new channel/system/personality
-Delete all the old ones
-Fix any errors in the Zone/Scan lists

When you create a new channel or whatnot, it is set for the defaults so you don't have to figure out what they should be and change an existing one. It's quick enough for me in the Astro/Astro25 line where I didn't need to save the initial codeplug, but I did save the initial one from the APX series. Use the grid view where you can select and delete multiple rows at once and you should be OK. Also make sure to look at the radio wide config and remove any personalization or passwords you may have set.
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