XTVA HHCH Problem: Part Inquiry

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XTVA HHCH Problem: Part Inquiry

Post by DC615 »

After searching the board, I did not find anything concerning this specific part, but did note a thread that contained information that somewhat described my problem. http://batboard.batlabs.com/viewtopic.p ... =xtva+flex

After opening up the XTVA to check/clean connections, I noted possible damage to the flex ribbon. It has a part number of 8486145A02 Rev A, with the numbers 54067 DC 1199 on it as well (flex that mates with the radios accessory connector). The damage looks as if someone made a crimp to the center of the flex, but did not completely break through. Sometimes the HHCH would work, sometimes not. If it did not, I could undock and redock the radio several times, and it would start working. Now its not working at all. I wonder if that damaged flex finally lost connection?

Anyway, I’m requesting for a price from someone, please. I think that this is considered a high-tier item. Thanks in advance for any help.

Link to the damage:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzhKFv ... sp=sharing

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Re: XTVA HHCH Problem: Part Inquiry

Post by fineshot1 »

You might have a better chance at picking up a bad used xtva holder
than an internal xtva part. They are a bear to put back together properly
with all the battery contacts flopping around all over while trying to screw
back together the two halfs.
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