Flashing ASTRO Spectra

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Flashing ASTRO Spectra

Post by jlanef »

Can a dash mount, VHF ASTRO Spectra with the 1 meg Vocon board and 2.5 Khz narrow band hardware be flashed to IMBE P25 voice, (don't care about trunking, conventional only), without hardware changes?

Different question, not sure where to post. Can you put a VHF ASTRO Spectra dash mount with W5 head in a 800 Meg ASTRO Consolette that has a W7 head Spectra in it? I have and i get an FF 1/90 hardware fail. Is it because I am putting a w5 head in the consolette? The consolette is local control only. Can you put a w7 head on a w5 Spectra without flash if you don't care about the extra buttons working. I have found in this forum answers both ways. One says it will work, but the extra buttons won't work and another post says you will blow things up, including the audio board. Any help appreciated. If this post goes somewhere else, please advise.

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Re: Flashing ASTRO Spectra

Post by jmr061 »

Please give us all the radio information:

Model Number

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