APX7000R Help

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APX7000R Help

Post by eastfire510 »

Hello everyone!

I have an opportunity to purchase an APX 7000 at a great price however I want to make sure I have all the info I need before shelling out the cash. The reason the person is selling is because he doesn't have programming capabilities. He contacted a local shop and they told him they don't have a key so he could talk on the system (we operate on an 800Mhz trunking system...I'm assuming encryption key?).

So I need some assistance....What information do I need to get from the radio to make sure it will work on our trunk system? This is the trunk system we operate on: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=6916

Also, where can the encryption key be found?
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Re: APX7000R Help

Post by jmr061 »

You should contact the system administrator to see what is required and get authorization. The systems administration should have documentation as to what radios qualify to go on the system and flashcode requirements there are.
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Re: APX7000R Help

Post by jfyrfytr25 »

Its possible he means encryption keys, but most likely he is talking about the system key. the system key is a file that "unlocks" the programming software to be able to program the radio with that specific systems programming. Do you have authorization to be on their system? If you do not have authorization from the system admin to be on their system I will caution you from pursuing this. It CAN be considered a crime to program a radio on to a system that you are not authorized to be on. If you are not authorized, and you are wanting and APX7000 just to listen to the system, there is a WHOLE lot of research you need to do first and you will be hard pressed to find someone on a public forum to hold your hand through it. It is research you will have to do yourself.
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