Astro Saber Firmware Question

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Astro Saber Firmware Question

Post by kb5tac »

I recently purchased an Astro Saber (VHF) to use on a project. This project requires narrow band freqs so I set out to program the radio. After spending quite a bit of time I tried to write the code plug to the radio and it failed stating the radio needed a firmware upgrade to take the narrow band channels. None of the Motorola shops around her can help me. Is there any way to get the firmware upgrade or am I dead in the water?
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Re: Astro Saber Firmware Question

Post by MattSR »

If you contact a motorola dealer and order a firmware refresh flashkey for something like an XTS5000, it will work on your ASRTO Saber too. Once you have the flashkey, you can download the .cvn firmware files off the internet (there is another P25 forum that hosts these) and then use your current CPS, flashkey and firmware file to do the upgrade.
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Re: Astro Saber Firmware Question

Post by jmr061 »

There are members here who can do it if you send them the radio. I am one of them. The key question is what is the current firmware version and is it a 512k or 1 meg vocon?
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Re: Astro Saber Firmware Question

Post by N4KVE »

OP, I see you are new here. I recently sent 2 radios to jmr061 for firmware upgrades. The turnaround time was immediate, & the results were fantastic. His price was very reasonable, & if that's what your radio needs, I recommend him to do the upgrade for you. GARY
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