Software interface for GD R2670 service monitor (Motorola R2

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Software interface for GD R2670 service monitor (Motorola R2

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The General Dynamics R2670 monitor has an available software manual which supplies the command set for operating the unit remotely, but doesn't recommend a GUI or programming software interface. The last time that I worked with any such software and a GPIB interface, I was writing in HP and MS BASIC. Does anyone know what would be a reasonable software interface for writing automated testing routines and that would run on a computer with an XP or earlier microsoft operating system? Is such software commercially available for doing bench tests upon mobile radio equipment? If so, will the interface run concurrent with Motorola Calibration software such as the ASTRO 25 CPS version?
I've done a brief search for info on the site already, but may not have used the correct key words, so I ask that you be patient with a newbie.
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Re: Software interface for GD R2670 service monitor (Motorol

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Re: Software interface for GD R2670 service monitor (Motorola R2

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The above link ""is dead.

I'm also looking for info on controlling a 2670... and for a way of measuring BER of a transmitter.

The way I read the manual the only available BER test that a 2670 provides is a closed loop test,
and I need to BER test the transmitters of an existing P25 trunked system.

Or am I misreading the manual?
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Re: Software interface for GD R2670 service monitor (Motorola R2

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I'm not sure if it will help, but seek out a Motorola manual, P/N 6880309E55.
This was the programming manual for the R2600-series.
I used to have a copy, but it's been over 10 years since I've laid eyes on it.
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