IFR Com 120-b L.O. Unlocked

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IFR Com 120-b L.O. Unlocked

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hello, i have an IFR com 120-b that i acquired from a silent key. it powers up but the calibration expired, and the L.O is unlocked as well as third L.O. coarse unlocked, third L.O. fine is locked, analyzer and generator are unlocked. any help would be greatly appreciated. i plan to just use this for HAM radio stuff so nothing that would require calibration certification.
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Re: IFR Com 120-b L.O. Unlocked

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you could try and use an external 10Mhz reference.
That many loops unlocked points to a reference issue
I would look at the reference signal on one of the failing loops and make sure it matches the level and freq in the service manual on repeater builders.
If the external reference doesn't resolve the problem than you may have an issue with the reference assembly which is mounted on the right side front of the unit.
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