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IFR COM120B Processor Issues

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:02 pm
by screech67
The unit had a bad/failed clock, the PO tried replacing the clock chip and some how managed to corrupt/damage the processor chip which will no longer boot up. I sent it off for repair hoping it was just a bad clock repair but it seems other damage was done, the unit was returned to me with the following statement. "What I think happened is that the PO installed a blank/disabled RTC chip of course in the process he at least un seated the main processor which caused the unit not to even start to boot. "After fixing that what I saw was the system start to boot BIOS sees that there is a RTC chip installed(it does test the memory on the chip to see if it can read and write to it) but that its blank/disabled part. "Once the main application starts to come up it does see the blank RTC and re-writes with some very minimal default data and uses that same default data to initialize some of the other hardware on the processor board. "It's one of these other systems that stop responding and causes the boot to fail/hang. "The RTC is now no longer blank/disabled and as a result causes the boot to fail immediately due to the other broken HW.

I am no expert on these things and would have to have it repaired if possible, perhaps someone may be more familiar with the controller tray and be able to repair it.

Thank you