Rotary encoder for IFR 2975?

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Rotary encoder for IFR 2975?

Post by sparktastic »

Hi guys,

A previous poster asked about the 2975, so I'll add another question for the brains trust.
The Multi-function rotary encoder in my IFR2975 is skipping and is obviously worn out. It makes navigating the already difficult/
cluttered screen a nightmare, not to mention even just changing frequencies.

Does anyone know of a suitable replacement?

I know it is a simple 3 pin device, with two additional push switch contacts, but the detents and coding need to be correct.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Rotary encoder for IFR 2975?

Post by jry »

the rotary encoder skipping seems to be more of a software issue than hardware.
doubt that replacing would help because I have seen that in most units ...not sure if it's more prevalent in the 200 Mhz processors or not.
The up arrows do seem to be more consistent vs. the rotary control

I usually find on the 2975 the use of an external mouse helps in navigating the screen vs. the arrows. A lot less frustrating
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