Experimental licenses

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Experimental licenses

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http://www.tvtechnology.com/distributio ... s--/220528

"Two stations received experimental licenses to test digital 450 MHz RPU radios. WLS Television received WG2XLY for experimental operations on 450.0875, 450.3875, 450.5875, 455.0875, 455.15 and 455.5875 MHz “to test a digital system in the high noise urban environment typical in the broadcast news service” fixed and mobile in Chicago, Ill.
(WLS and WFTS required experimental licenses as the “Mototrbo” radios they specified use 7K60FXD and 7K60FXE emissions in their digital mode, neither of which is allowed under Part 74 RPU rules. WLS appears to be making a major investment in the experiment. Its application specifies a total of 83 units.

Amateur radio operators may want to check the list, as there are several experimental license grants not related to amateur radio in the shared 420-450 MHz amateur band. The FCC also granted several licenses for research using frequencies below 500 kHz that appear to be closer aligned with amateur radio experimentation in this spectrum. "
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Re: Experimental licenses

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This nonsense has been going on for years. It's really much ado about nothing. Part 74 does not permit two talkpaths on one carrier. The FCC needs to amend the rules to permit the emissions designator. There is a TV station in Denver that has had an experimental license for TRBO for 3 years. Funny how it still permits 50KHz analog carriers though, huh??

There is already a NPRM before the FCC to "permit" DMR TDMA on Part 97 frequencies but rest assured there won't be any enforcement in the meantime given the ARRL's backing of DMR in general and the commission's purported desire to see the hobby advanced
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