Astro25 firmware R16.00.02 release notes

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Astro25 firmware R16.00.02 release notes

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Radio Release Notes – Subscriber 6.16(SR7.11)Update – Dec
XTS 5000, 4000, 2500, 1500/MT1500/PR1500/XTL 5000, 2500,
New Version: Host – R16.00.02, DSP – R16.00.02, CH – R12.00.04 (8M
memory radios), UCM – R05.07.15, DVRS – 3.30
Old Version: Host – Host – R16.00.01, DSP – R16.00.01, CH – R12.00.04
(8M memory radios), UCM – R05.07.15, DVRS – 3.30
New Version: Host – R09.00.41, DSP – R16.00.01 (4M memory radios)
Old Version: Host – R09.00.41, DSP – R16.00.01 (4M memory radios)
Astro Spectra Plus replacement Vocon
New Version: Host – R09.20.42, DSP – R16.00.02
Old Version: Host – R09.20.41, DSP – R16.00.01
CPS Version: R16.01.00
Important Notes:
Abstract: R16.00.01 was the last release where 4M updates will be made
System Platforms Affected: System independent
Special Configurations: N/A
Description: R16.00.01 was the last release where defect repairs will be added to
the 4M radios. The program memory space on these radios has been consumed, and no
further additions are planned. 4M radios include ASTRO Spectra Plus with old
version Vocon board and XTS2500, XTS1500, MT1500 and PR1500 radios with model
numbers ending in ‘AN’. ASTRO Spectra Plus radios with new Vocon board will be
upgraded to R09.20.42 Host, R16.00.02 DSP and R05.07.15 UCM. This will occur
automatically; personnel FLASHing radios will not need to be aware of which Vocon
board is present.
Issue Updates:
Abstract: Restoration of margin for incorrectly programmed subscribers
Special Configurations: Legacy Conventional ASTRO Simulcast or 3600 Type II
Simulcast SmartNet trunked systems.
User Symptom: Subscriber units containing firmware release R16.00.00 or R16.00.01
may fail to receive digital voice calls
Description: If the Simulcast system is configured to transmit C4FM Wide Pulse
modulation while the subscriber units are configured to decode C4FM Narrow Pulse
modulation, the symptom may be seen. With Host firmware prior to release
R16.00.00, this configuration mismatch was generally tolerated by subscriber units.
While the decode margin is being restored in this release, the true solution to
this issue is to match the codeplug configuration of the subscriber to that of the
system, since subscriber receive performance will be noticeably improved.
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