APX CPS 8.02.00 now on MOL

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APX CPS 8.02.00 now on MOL

Post by mab »

Seems to have just posted today.

Anyone know what's changed from 8.01?
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Re: APX CPS 8.02.00 now on MOL

Post by fire_master_21 »

the release notes should tell you what changed. I haven't DL it yet myself to read it.
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Re: APX CPS 8.02.00 now on MOL

Post by mr.syntrx »

New firmware R08.07.00 also coming soon, by the looks.

https://businessonline.motorola.com/DOC ... Readme.pdf

In short: No major changes. The "listen only" talkgroups idea is interesting. I assume the radio still affiliates, but it's prevented from initiating calls on a talkgroup.

Code: Select all

What's New in the CPS:
- Private Line Tone & Multiple Private Line (MPL) Tone on DIRECT Simplex 
  This feature adds support for Private Line (PL) tones on direct simplex 
channels and 
  increases the number of programmable PL tones.
- Display Radio Alias ID on Mobiles
  This feature allows the user to view/read their Radio Alias ID from a 
  equipped with the O9, O5, or O3 control head. 
- Midtier Channel Increase
  This enhancement increases APX Conv Channel Options / Pers and Maximum 
Number of 
  programmable modes (Channels) to 1000.   
- Listen Only Talkgroup
  The CPS can now identify a talkgroup as 'listen only', thereby allowing a 
  radio system to program talkgroups that are 'listen only.' 
- Radio Alias ID Special Characters
  This feature allows a radio to utilize special characters when creating 
  alias IDs.  Characters such as !@#$%^&*() are now allowed.
- CPS support for the Ultra Low Power SRX 2200 UHF R1 FM 
  This feature will be fully supported with the release of the Ultra Low 
power radio 
  in a future release.

Supported APX Radios:
     APX 6000
     APX 6000XE
     APX 6500
     APX 7000
     APX 7000XE
    APX7000XE M3.5 7/800 & VHF
    APX7000XE M3.5 7/800 & UHF R2
    APX7000XE M3.5 VHF & UHF R2
    APX7000XE M3.5 7/800 & UHF R1
    APX7000XE M3.5 VHF & UHF R1
    APX7000XE M3.5 UHF R1 & R2
     APX 7500
     SRX 2200 UHF Range 1
     SRX 2200 VHF
     APX 2000 7/800
    APX 2000/4000 VHF
    APX 2000/4000 UHF Range 2
     APX 2000 UHF Range 1
     APX 4000 7/800
     APX 4000 UHF Range 1
     APX 6000 Li
     APX 6500 Li

New Radio Features Supported: 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Firmware version R08.07.00 is required for the following 
  to work in the radio. 
- Private Line Tone & Multiple Private Line (MPL) Tone on DIRECT Simplex 
- Display Radio Alias ID on Mobiles
- Listen Only Talkgroup
- Radio Alias ID Special Characters
- Midtier Channel Increase
- GPS Location while Radio Inhibit
- ACS Modification
For a detailed description of each feature, please see the radio's User 
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