Astro CPS ?

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Astro CPS ?

Post by MTS2000 »

I have a Astro Saber III UHF with the Modat option. When I try to deselect Modat the CPS gives me invalid fields in the Modat Menu for the Emergency Revert channels. I would think as lond as I didn't have Modat selected in the Signalling menu that shouldn't matter. But the CPS wouldn't clear the invalid fields until I set a conventional personality to Modat. Is there a way to deselect Modat or is this a bug in the CPS. BTW using version 5.02.

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Re: Astro CPS ?

Post by jmr061 »

If I recall right, (it has been ages since I played with modat) you have to have at least one personally setup with it. You don't have to included that personality in the zone/mode list though.

I think that sounds right but like I said it has been years since I did any playing with modat.

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Re: Astro CPS ?

Post by N4KVE »

I have that problem too. I assign Modat to a ch I hardly use. It's not a bug in the CPS, more a bug in the feature rich flashcodes. GARY
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Re: Astro CPS ?

Post by FireCpt809 »

Mine too on my 3K I just made up a personality with it and assigned it to #17 in a zone and forgot about it.
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Re: Astro CPS ?

Post by motorola_otaku »

It's an issue with the 4F1E flash. That's partly why many of us had "1C5E > 4F1E" in our forum sigs years past.

Find a 1C5E-flashed s-record matching your model/bandsplit and blow it in, and you won't have to set up dummy MODAT channels anymore.
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