MCS2000 programing via rj-45 (diagram on site is incorrect)

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MCS2000 programing via rj-45 (diagram on site is incorrect)

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After numerous issues trying to program this using a smart RIB and the Motorola bottom of radio DB-25 cable I sat down and toned the cable out. Turns out the Motorola cable had developed a problem on one of the pins (6).

I decided to try a building the RIB to RJ-45 cable off the batlabs main site. Spent about 2 hours messing with it before I figured out the pinout of the RJ-45 connector is labeled backwards in the schematic. Pin 1 on a RJ plug is the left most pin with the locking tab facing away. The batlabs diagram has this backwards.

Also should mention the MCS2000 CPS does not run on Win7 x64. Ended up installing a XPsp3 on a spare drive to run it and it worked perfectly then.

Hope this helps anyone else who may run into this.
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