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Motorola XTS Programming

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:30 pm
by krazybob
I sincerely hope I'm posting in the correct forum. I'm about to purchase a Motorola xts3000 III UHF and a xts3000 III VHF. I have the CPS programming software but I am wondering specifically if the UHF software can drop it low as 440.000. I am certainly willing to lose the top end at 520.000. Would I need to adjust the VCO in the XTS? Lastly, how can I tell if the XTS is capable of FPP?

The 440 version identifier is H09SDF9PW7BN flash code 590008-0C0600-3 and the VHF is H09KDH9PW7BN flash code 100004-000000-4. I read some people say that the 3000's are not capable of FPP. I know a couple of hams that have 3000's and they have a simple keyboard command. Is there a mod for this? I have read that even the JT1000's are not FPP but I own one and it is just a key press away. I am confused!

Thank you in advance.