EMEA Waris portables and mobiles GP340) alignment and FW

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EMEA Waris portables and mobiles GP340) alignment and FW

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Hi all!

I'm preparing myself to check and align about 20 professional series radios, mostly GP330, a pair of GP340, a GM360 and a CM360.
All radios are VHF

I do have the Global tuner R02.18.00, Pro 5tone CPS R03.11.16, RLN4460B, rib, assorted cables and so forth. The service monitor is a used R&S CMU200 with AMPS software (dag-nabit those 30kHz steps, I have to fiddle with the offset) connected to a trimble GPSDO, so those are sorted.

The firmware from upgradekit R03.17.01 went nicely into my two spare radios. I did the alignment, some things were off, others weren't.

I ran across a few snags tho. After checking the oscillator warp and then the PA bias, I went to align TX power. using 7,5V, I wasn't able to get the 5W required. using 8V input voltage (during transmit) the 5+W came available. Is this normal?

Also, the tuner help files states this about tuning VCO Attn 25kHz:

Code: Select all

Inject 1kHz: -
at an appropriate level for Professional portable, Entry Level Professional (Karisma) ) and Entry Level Portable (ELP – Guppy (CP200), Piranha (CP250), Piranha SELECT 5) radios until 2.3V rms is  measured at the AC/DC METER(radio input) if using test box RLN4460A/B/C. 

at 800mV for Professional mobile and Entry Level Mobile (ELM – Marlin (CM140, CM340), Marlin MidBand (CM340, CM360), Marlin+ (CM160, CM360)) radios until 800mV rms is measured at AC/DC METER (radio input) to the External Microphone Audio Path.
Really? 2,3V? 800mV gives adequate results, IMHO. I wish someone more experienced would give some insight to this.

And the last question that got me writing this in the first place:
Does someone have access to the firmware changelog? I would like to know if there are any updates or fixes that would deem it necessary to update the firmware on the radios.
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