CSS 7.17 status error

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CSS 7.17 status error

Post by intak »

I am working on a GTR8000/GCM8000 simulcast system and am having issues accessing the status screens of any of the devices. I can read and write codeplugs, but get an error "unable to process request" or "unable to detect service mode" when trying to access the service screens.

I have another laptop that is able to connect to the same devices without issues. I have done clean installs of CSS 7.17 but am still not able to access the service screens. It is not a big issue at present as all devices are being configured side by side, but once installed on location I will need to observe the voting status screen.

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Re: CSS 7.17 status error

Post by chartofmaryland »

Afternoon Intak,

Most of those screens are accessed through SNMPv3

If you do not have proper certificate authorizations setup on your laptop than the session will fail to load

Believe these are also Java based so good to check your Java Version is up top date.

Just rolled to 7.17 and am working through those issues now on M3 and conventional cores

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