MT2000 HT1000 out of band for Ham use

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MT2000 HT1000 out of band for Ham use

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Can a Motorola MT2000 in VHF or a Ht1000 in UHF be programmed out of band for Ham use? I do have the legal RSS for these radios.
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Re: MT2000 HT1000 out of band for Ham use

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No need to go out of band for VHF as both radios you mention cover 136-174 MHz as is. For UHF, if you have the low split model (designated by an R in the model number) they cover 403-470. The high split models (designated by an S) can easily be programmed to work down to 440 by using the "Shift" trick. See this page for information (scroll down to Out of Band Programming (General)):
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