Quantar Firmware DOWNGRADE problems

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Quantar Firmware DOWNGRADE problems

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Hi everyone,

Long time lurker....first time poster.

I have a network of Quantar Base Stations & repeaters & they run 20.10.066 firmware, using the V20.XX.XX DOS version of RSS....yes, I know, but I follow orders.

I received a batch of spare Quantar Base Sations, but they are loaded with V20.14.XX firmware & I wanted to Downgrade them to be compatible with the rest of my system. A very long time ago I know that I managed to do this, but I do not recall how.

So far I get "Incompatible Backplane ID" errors, or Timeouts, No Comms or an RSS App that starts out talking to the Station over Serial (9600 baud) & then tries to switch to IP for no apparent reason! (App screen still say "Serial, SLIP, 9600")

Is there any guide to doing this? I've already managed to Brick one station & I'd like to avoid doing that again. Also, yes I know I would be better upgrading Apps & Firmware, but it's a decision way above my pay grade & not something I've been able to change, for $ome $trange rea$on that'$ probably to do with $$$$.

Thanks for your help. From,

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