Welcome to the Software & Firmware Releases & Issues forum!

Release notes for new versions of programming software and firmware, for any product, should be posted here, as well as topics discussing issues and bugs with and FSB's/SRN's for particular releases.

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Welcome to the Software & Firmware Releases & Issues forum!

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For a number of reasons, mainly Motorola's rapid-fire release of new CPS and firmware for their current products (MotoTRBO and APX come to mind), we decided it would be a good idea to have a single place where you could go to review any new release notes or issues that have been posted, which also includes FSB's and SRN's. This forum is for any and all Motorola software and hardware, whether it's portable, mobile, or base station, analog or digital.

When you're posting topics, please be as descriptive as possible in the subject line. Example:

"APX CPS R04.00.01 Release Notes"

"Astro25 firmware R13.00.00 Released"

"SRN1234 - Buggy RX Audio with Astro Consolette with MC3000"

Thanks, and enjoy!
- akardam
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