Problem with EX600 programming

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Problem with EX600 programming

Post by spqinc »

Hello everybody !,

I just bought 2 EX600-XLS Portatives. I want to program it with LTR Trunking. I use CPS R.06.11.05 version. I'm not able to set the Site Id and all LTR settings. CPS show me : Your codeplug not allowed LS Trunking. Can somebody help me ? I want to reset factory default settings or have a codeplug with trunking able.

Model H38RDH9AA6
403-470 MHz
firmwire R05.08.02

Thanks yall !
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Re: Problem with EX600 programming

Post by escomm »

That's because you don't have an EX600XLS, you have an EX600. Does not support LTR or any trunking. System package in the model number is AA instead of DU
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