FSB10590 XTS5000/2500/1500 and XTL5000/2500/1500 units may n

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FSB10590 XTS5000/2500/1500 and XTL5000/2500/1500 units may n

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Government and Public Safety APC: 205, 276, 407, 320,
1301 E. Algonquin Road 483, 487, 500, 514,
Schaumburg, IL. 60196 518, 526, 585,687
DATE: Dec 2011
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The information contained in this bulletin is intended for use by trained, professional technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to perform the
service described above. If applicable, enter this information or note this bulletin number and subject material in the appropriate equipment instruction manuals and
make necessary schematic diagram changes. Labor and/or parts warranty reference is limited to products sold and in use in the United States. For products sold and in
use Internationally, this bulletin is for informational purposes only. Radios that are Agency Approved must follow designated agency guidelines. MOTOROLA
SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other trademarks, product, or service names are the property of their
respective owners.
BULLETIN TYPE: Informational Only
SUBJECT: XTS5000/2500/1500 and XTL5000/2500/1500 units may not receive digital voice calls
All XTS5000/2500/1500 and XTL5000/2500/1500 radios, all bands using Host firmware R16.00.00 or R16.00.01
Subscriber units containing firmware release R16.00.00 or R16.00.01 may fail to receive digital voice calls from
Conventional ASTRO systems or from 3600 Type II SmartNet trunked systems.
System configuration mismatch
If a system is configured in the following way, it will result in the above listed symptom being observed on the
subscriber units.
 Simulcast system is configured to transmit C4FM Wide Pulse modulation while the subscriber units are
configured to decode C4FM Narrow Pulse modulation.
Note 1: With Host firmware prior to release R16.00.00, this configuration mismatch was generally tolerated by
subscriber units.
If the system is indeed transmitting WIDE pulse modulation, the resolution to this problem is to change the radio’s
Digital Modulator Type from C4FM to WIDE via use of Customer Programming Software (CPS).
The Digital Modulator Type field is located under the Digital tab of Trunking System and under the ASTRO tab of
Conventional Personality. This is the only solution that will address the mismatched system configuration and is
available regardless of the Model/Option configuration of the radio.
Note 2: Having the system set to wide pulse modulation and the subscribers to narrow pulse modulation
is not a supported configuration. If this mismatched system configuration is nevertheless used, some
degradation to radio performance must be expected.
Note 3: A new firmware release is available (R16.00.02) which restores the mismatch tolerance that was lost with
Host firmware release of R16.00.00 and R16.00.01. It is not recommended to install this firmware without
also addressing the mismatched system configuration issue, since there is performance improvement to be
gained by implementation of the resolution listed above. This firmware is available on Motorola OnLine (MOL) or
by calling (800) 927-2744, and following the prompts for post sales technical subscriber support.
High - Perform Immediately
CPS R16.00.00 or higher
This is an informational bulletin. No labor warranty is implied, intended or authorized
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