XPR5550 Home Key

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XPR5550 Home Key

Post by arlojanis »

I am setting up a new XPR5550 for analog only. I programmed a home channel in CPS. The home button on radio and the home button on the keypad mic do not go to the programmed home channel. Does the home button work in analog?
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Re: XPR5550 Home Key

Post by jackhackett »

I don't think Mototrbo uses 'home channel' and 'home button' the way we're used to.

What I've done is setup one of the One Touch Access modes for 'home revert' and then assigned that One Touch to a programmable button.
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Re: XPR5550 Home Key

Post by n1gtl »

It does work in analog but Jack is right. The home button is for going back in the menu navigation. You need to set up a One Touch button and assign it to home revert. The button that you assign it to will display "OT-1". (or OT-2, OT-3, OT-4 if you use those too) It will not say Home Revert or anything like that.

Click on BUTTONS on your tree in the left pane. In the right pane, scroll down to "One Touch Access" and set it up there.
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