Capacity Max (Tier III)

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Capacity Max (Tier III)

Post by zues2054 »

I've been told that the gen 2 MotoTrbo radios, XPR5550, XPR7550, SL7550 can have the Capacity Max feature enabled with an EID.
Can anyone confirm that they can?
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Re: Capacity Max (Tier III)

Post by ve3nsv »

This is the information I was given during training so I'd say yes.
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Re: Capacity Max (Tier III)

Post by RFguy »


XPR7350, XPR7550, XPR5350, XPR5550 EID part# HKVN4323 MOTOTRBO License Capacity MAX-Full
SL7550 EID part# HKVN4322 MOTOTRBO License Capacity MAX
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