XPR5550 setup

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XPR5550 setup

Post by arlojanis »

I have a new XPR5550 being used as conventional analog. When you pick up the mic, the radio stays on whatever channel is talking in the scan list and the home button (one touch programmed for home channel) does not take you to home. Also, there is no beep when a button on the radio or on the Impress 4-way navigation keypad mic RMN5127A is pressed. Where are the needed adjustments?
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Re: XPR5550 setup

Post by n1gtl »

Under GENERAL SETTINGS there is an option titled ALERTS. I have all of mine unchecked so I don't have to listen to the beeping every time a button is pushed. Check there for that issue.

As far as the scan list, do you have TALKBACK scan checked off? That will keep the radio on that channel for x seconds, giving the user a chance to reply before the radio goes back into scan mode. That setting is under your scan list. There is also an "Off hook suspends scan" which should disable scan instantly assuming your mic clip is grounded.

The home channel should be the OT-1 setting in the lower half of the buttons menu. You have to set the MODE to HOME REVERT and then assign a button to "ONE TOUCH ACCESS 1, 2, 3 or 4".

I apologize if this is not what you're looking to clarify but I've never had an issue with the 5550's I've programmed for these features.
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