Mtrbo Error #1243 Upgrade Firmware

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Mtrbo Error #1243 Upgrade Firmware

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I just installed the digital subscriber with two separate Entitlement IDs purchased from Motorola into two DEP450 radios, one went without a hitch, but the second one has now a problem. Everything was going well during the feature activation process except the last step where the radio firmware is supposed to be updated. Now the radio can be read, but when trying to write back the codeplug it gives this Error #1243. The radio already has the digital feature activated, it states "purchased". So I am stuck now at this point. Can anybody please give me a clue of what needs to be done? I have gone through the options in the Mtrbo CPS (v14.0), but I can't find anything related to the firmware upgrade.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Mtrbo Error #1243 Upgrade Firmware

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Check the security tab and make sure there are no ******** entries. I noticed that the newest FW adds RAS and inserts a random key. This also makes the radio uncloneable to earlier versions until the RAS key is deleted.
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