XPR5550e w/ HHCH banks?

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XPR5550e w/ HHCH banks?

Post by gnwatton »

I have taken over programming for a fleet that includes one XPR5550e with the HHCH (PMLN7131b). I though that it was programmed with just one bank, but after reading it, they are organized in banks in CPS. Does the HHCH not support banks/zones? Thanks!
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Re: XPR5550e w/ HHCH banks?

Post by n1gtl »

You can program multiple zones (banks) into a radio with a hand-held control head. Make sure you allow access to zone changes via the menu or assign buttons for changing zones.
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Re: XPR5550e w/ HHCH banks?

Post by jsilberberg »

So far the only thing I can't seem to do on the HHCH is add a Graphic for display at Power Up --

It's basically a XPR-7550 with a lot more transmit power --
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