XPR7550e, WPLN4243A, and PMNN4491B

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XPR7550e, WPLN4243A, and PMNN4491B

Post by arlojanis »

I have a XPR7550e with a PMNN4491B battery and a WPLN4243A charger. Charger blinks red and never changes. I got a new battery and same thing. Any clues about a charger repair? I have 2 new WPLN4226A chargers that look like the bad charger. Are they a safe substitute?
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Re: XPR7550e, WPLN4243A, and PMNN4491B

Post by TreyH »

The WPLN4226A looks like an EMEA region part number. The WPLN4243A is a NA region part. Is the new battery you bought meant for the NA region? If not, that could be the reason for the blinking red (Charger rejecting the firmware on an out of region battery maybe?). I've never tried to cross battery/charger regions so not sure if it even matters.
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