XPR 7550E audio mutes RX

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XPR 7550E audio mutes RX

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I have a issue

My radio is set up on one zone with the following

Open Spot

Problem is when I use FFP on my Open spt 2 when I transmit it’s fine but when the other parties talk back the radio mutes out the audio within 10-15 sec if the person has slight packet loss in the audio voice mutes and I have the LED flashing Green imdicating the person is still talk

This should not be

Now on the open spot 2 zone no muting on Receive when the other person has a slight packet loss I can still hear them fine no issues.

The vendor can’t give me a idea and was directed to buy the software direct from motorola

I have cheap DMR radios they handle the packet loss with no muting and I can hear people no problem

This appears to be a programming software issue

Everyone I have spoken to on the DMR ham band has no issues. This happen on the FFP same Freq as the open spot zone makes no sense plus it mutes on all talk groups when I use the FFP zone with my open spot 2 shark RF

Any ideas
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Re: XPR 7550E audio mutes RX

Post by Astro Spectra »

The FPP feature may not allow access to all DMR channel settings. Color code, timeslots, talkgroup, RX frequency, tx freq, admit criteria, all need to be set. I've not used FPP on Mototrbo so I don't know for sure.

The programming software will allow you to see the channels settings in the zone that does work and the zone that does not work and you'll be able to make corrections. The green LED only shows that the channel is busy not necessarily that you should be hearing anything.
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