Emegency button not loud enough

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Emegency button not loud enough

Post by johnny1225 »

Have a customer that has 4 XPR7350E Radios. They want to add the emergency button on top to send a emergency tone when a emergency has happened. They say the emergency button when press is not loud enough and when the radio is turned down they really cant hear it. My question is there a way to make the emergency tone to be a lot louder they complain its not loud enough, can someone help me?????

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Re: Emegency button not loud enough

Post by wavetar »

There aren't any emergency-specific audio level adjustments, you are reliant on the volume control unless you set "Fixed Volume" and "Volume Offset" levels under the 'General Settings'. You need to be in 'Expert View' to view them. Unfortunately, they also affect other tones, such as talk permit, error tones, etc.
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