ConnectPlus control channel lockup (XPR8400)

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ConnectPlus control channel lockup (XPR8400)

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We have experienced random lockups of the control channel on our ConnectPlus system. A reboot of the repeater gets it back on on-line. Not sure if its the Ethernet that locks up or.... It had been going 6-8 months between issues, however last time we swapped repeaters and the second unit locked up within 2 weeks. We now have a SLR5000 as the control channel.

Only common thing, lots of flies in the repeaters.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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Re: ConnectPlus control channel lockup (XPR8400)

Post by wavetar »

Have you checked with Motorola for an FSB on the issue? Not saying there is one, but I could swear I've read about this issue somewhere...
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