XPR8300 and RF amplifiers

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XPR8300 and RF amplifiers

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I have done some Internet searching on this matter and cannot find a clear answer.

When a MotoTRBO client transmits, it does so switching on and off rapidly (about 30ms on then off). Repeaters on the other hand, being full duplex, are in TX mode 100% of the time. Can a "standard" (Henry) amplifier be used with a Mototrbo repeater? I see sites advertising "digital" or "TDMA" amps. I know the clients are a different animal, having to rapidly switch TX and RX but if a repeater is not doing this switching, shouldn't a standard RF amp work?
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Re: XPR8300 and RF amplifiers

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You're assumptions are correct. I have one XPR8400 using a Henry amp and it plays just fine.
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