Making a MotoTRBO out of a Quantar?

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Making a MotoTRBO out of a Quantar?

Post by n2rdp »

A few days ago, someone told me that by adding a circuit board to a Quantar repeater, you can make it into a MotoTRBO.

I thought this was odd and wanted to run this by the people here and see what you folks say.

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Re: Making a MotoTRBO out of a Quantar?

Post by chartofmaryland »

It is possible with MMDVM?

YouTube video out with an MTR2000 but a quantar can do the same

Key piece is the modem is connected to a C-bridge or similar server to complete the connections

I do not have information saying this will run standalone

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Re: Making a MotoTRBO out of a Quantar?

Post by Astro Spectra »

Any half decent FM repeater can be made to pass DMR. Follow the sticky here on using back-to-back mobiles for P25 and it'll pass DMR of any flavour including Mototrbo.

The addition of the MMDVM board allows connection to the DMRplus network. A true Mototrbo repeater it is not as it doesn't speak IPSC or other 'Trbo protocols. note that 'connection' here meaning soldering wires, it's not plug and play.
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