cap plus single site

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cap plus single site

Post by johnny1225 »

I have a system with a XPR8400 UHF Repeater. Capacity Plus single site with XPR6550 and XPR3500 radios. This system was put in about 3 years ago. System is simple 50/50 splitter with antenna on roof and antenna in basement. System worked very well but now the radios are intermitting flashing out of range sometimes. I have checked the repeater and systems to be find but i put a loaner repeater in and it seems it is doing the same thing. Would this look like a antenna problem?

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Re: cap plus single site

Post by Bill_G »

An Anritsu or equivalent would tell you if it's an antenna problem. Could be cochannel interference. Listen to the channel in analog while another radio reports out of range.
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Re: cap plus single site

Post by RFguy »

We program all digital repeaters with a second channel in analog mode, same frequencies.

Using channel steering on the rear connector, change to the analog channel and do a site noise/TX de-sens check. Check forward/reflected power at the repeater output and after the duplexer/multicoupling.

This may help you get a baseline on the system performance.
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Re: cap plus single site

Post by FatBoy »

Antenna system or co-channel interference on TX or RX freqs. I have had more than my fair share of in-building antenna/cables get damaged. Especially in a power divided install, if any part of the antenna system is compromised; then the whole antenna system goes off the rails. I would measure power into and out of each port on the divider and at each antenna. You can use a standard analog watt meter on the repeater output......FB
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