SLR5700 Tone Remote adapter for MC1000

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SLR5700 Tone Remote adapter for MC1000

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Howdy all,
looking to help a friend out. What is needed? They want to switch between F1 and F2 analog on a SLR5700 repeater. My research shows that the MC1000 DC Tone Controller is a candidate using a Motorola L3276A or L3276AC Tone Adapter! So my question is :-) am I limited to the L3276A etc. with the MC1000 Tone remote for the SLR5700 2 channel repeater? I am open for suggestions. Please , experienced only need reply. I am passed the trial and error theory :-) Thanks..
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Re: SLR5700 Tone Remote adapter for MC1000

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If they are operating analog, then he has a prayer of getting a remote of some kind to interface with the SLR series. But, if they are going to operate in digital, then the accessory port becomes unusable, and no remotes work.

PS - any remote adapter will work. You just have to figure out the wiring. Be sure to get a manual, or at least the pages for the accy plug.
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