XPR 8300

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XPR 8300

Post by Max »

Can someone tell me the part number of the TX side of this repeater. I understand Moto doesn't service them any more. The PA is shot so just looking for some info.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: XPR 8300

Post by n1gtl »

TX and RX are basically the same. If you open the repeater, the TX side has a large heat sink. The RX side does not. The repeater is nothing more than two mobiles with a controller board between them. Take the two mobiles out and swap the heat sink from the TX and RX sides. Then, swap the positions of the mobile units. They should plug right in. Now, your TX side, with most likely a blown final, becomes the receiver. The receiver, which was never used for transmit, becomes the transmitter. Ive seen people recommend saving and reprogramming the soft spot settings but I have found it works fine without doing that.

It takes a little doing with the brackets and cables but every time I have tried this, it works perfectly.
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