RCH3000 L3030A Manual

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RCH3000 L3030A Manual

Post by KC9LEA »

Looking for a PDF of the L3030A/RCH3000 Manual. Specifically I'm looking for the Pinout for the Rollover RJ45 cable to work with the L3208 Digital Junction Box. Putting it into service with a Astro Spectra Plus Consolette. Any Help is greatly appreciated!!
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Re: RCH3000 L3030A Manual

Post by 4n6inv »

I don't know if I can post it here, but I just scanned it 2 weeks ago for a friend. Should have it on my thumb drive.

I've done many a remote setup since the DGT-9000's and it can seem complicated. Once you understand "their" terminology, it's not too bad. Motorola is about as helpful as Boo Radley because they want to sell $$$$$ individual radios, as opposed to one consolette and 32 remotes. Gaitronics hates Motorola, so they're no roadmap, either - unless you're using an actual Gaitronics deskset with their firmware.

I also have the latest firmware . hex or .bin for the handsets if needed.
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Re: RCH3000 L3030A Manual

Post by motorola_otaku »

Here's the L3208 manual, it may have the pinouts you need: http://www.4shared.com/office/aUJyzdsEb ... x_Man.html

Jim, how do you upload new firmware into the RCH?
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