Astro Spectra for Motorcycle

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Astro Spectra for Motorcycle

Post by Chief40of2001 »

Looking on ebay for a Astro Spectra w4 blah blah blah for a static display on a retired cop bike. This bike is special as it was a one off 2009 Indian Chief prototype. Im looking to decivilianize it in appearance. I will probably use this bike as my Patriot Guard bike. Question is... can this radio be reprogramed for CB Citizens Band radio use? I am not a radiohead, thats why I joined this forum...for advice from those that know.
THanks in advance for your help.



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Re: Astro Spectra for Motorcycle

Post by MSS-Dave »

Nice bike!

No way for any Spectra to work on CB band (27 Mhz in the U.S). If you just wanted it for display, you could buy any band and then have the control head programmed to display what you wanted and leave the RF frequencies blank to prevent oops TX where you shouldn't.
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