New to XTS3000s

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New to XTS3000s

Post by ff/emt_phil »

So I'm a firefighter and EMT and am shopping around for personals. I'm in 2 different townships and want to have my own personal. So I have been shopping around and have found numerous xts3000s for decent rate. I'm finding all model 2s. Are they decent? I just need simple vhf abilities. We don't have anything fancy for communications. I use HT1250s when on fire and XTS2500s on ems but those are supplied when on shift. I want a radio that I can keep to myself and program for both companies(both vhf). Help me get started.

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Re: New to XTS3000s

Post by N4DES »

Getting the radio is the easy part, but you really need to think about the required programming, especially with an XTS3000 that requires a RIB and typically a radio with a serial port.

Do you have someone that can program and has the required CPS and hardware? Combined those items alone will exceed the price of the radio when purchased for personal usage.
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Re: New to XTS3000s

Post by MTS2000des »

Not to mention firmware requirements: many old 3Ks out there with firmware that won't do all narrowband VHF channels, specifically the splinters. Always buy the SELLER not the radio.
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