Astro Spectra Control Head Bracket Question

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Astro Spectra Control Head Bracket Question

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Anyone know if a bracket was ever made to stack two w4/5/7 heads with one bracket? I can make something but would rather use OEM if it exists. If they did I would love to know the part number.
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Re: Astro Spectra Control Head Bracket Question

Post by kf4sqb »

I know that they made the little "extensions" to allow mounting a DEK above a control head, and I'm almost positive that I've seen a longer version, that may be for stacking heads. I have also seen longer brackets, that allow the DEK over control head mounting option without the "extensions" I mentioned, but I don't know if they will allow dual head mounting. I'm almost positive that I have a set of the "extensions" around here somewhere, and think that I may also have an extended bracket, but I have no idea where they may be at this point. Sorry, but I don't have part numbers for any of this, just the knowledge that there is at least some hope for what you are looking for.
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